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The International Research Consortium (IRC) is an organization whose goal is to promote research directed at relieving the pain and disability of, facilitating prevention of, and ultimately finding a cure for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)- a rare chronic pain condition. 

Our members belong to over 50 research laboratories around the world. Here they can collaborate and compare findings to further CRPS research.

Why an International Research Consortium?

Significant strides in CRPS research has occurred during the last two decade. However, solid information and RCTs concerning treatment or definitive information about mechanisms and treatment responsive phenotypes is lacking. There are many explanations and the International Research Consortium for CRPS (IRC) will address this need.

CRPS is a relatively rare condition. Thus, with very few exceptions, trials of treatment for CRPS-I have generally been small N, single-site pilot studies. Federal agencies that approve treatments (e.g. FDA in the US) and insurance payers do not consider preliminary, pilot, or case series type evidence. Definitive trials are an immediate need.

Previous research efforts in CRPS suffer from a lack of funding with one notable exception of TREND. National funding levels for basic and clinical research are at historic lows internationally and may remain so for a long time.

What is needed is large, multi-site studies with appropriate funding levels. The formation of an International Research Consortium for CRPS (IRC) will accomplish this by 'pooling' our resources for rapid and conclusive studies.

Our Mission:

To promote research directed to relieving the pain and disability, prevention, and cure of CRPS patients.

Contact Us

Have any questions for us? Interested in joining, enlisting the aid of, or supporting the IRC? Contact Amy Kirsling, with any inquires.

AMY KIRSLING, Executive Director 

(920) 385-3444


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